The Audio Extractor App

The Audio Extractor was the the 1st app on the app store of its kind to offer extraction of Audio from videos in camera roll. and it was very useful for many users around the world, it was found with one function only,

Today the audio extractor is loaded with many new function and features that is made based on users requisites and feedback, thanks for all the users who made the time to reach us and suggest or give us great feedback.

The User Interface (UI) was designed and the simplicity in mind.

We hate it when user try to use an app and there is too many steps to get simple things done. Thats why we decide to keep The Audio Extractor Simple and easy to use with minimal steps.

Our mission is to keep the development going, Unlike other apps in the market we will always keep the developing The Audio Extractor to keep it up to date and to provide the users with new cutting edge features and technology and to try to keep it the best app ever for audio.

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Pitch Shift technology By

ZTX LE Time Stretch/Pitch Shift technology licensed from Zynaptiq GmbH,

(c) Zynaptiq GmbH”.



Audio Recognition

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