Extract Audio from Video

Extract Audio from Video (From Vidz)

Feature Overview by the develoepr

In order to take any audio from a video you’ve taken with your iOS devices, you needed to do a lot of processes and waste a lot of time. That is why with The Audio Extractor there is a way to make this as enjoyable and as fast as possible. In The Audio Extractor there are many audio extractor features and basically extracting audio from the videos of the camera roll is a feature that is the basis in The Audio Extractor!


4.7-inch (iPhone 6) - Screenshot 5Actually, “From Vidz” is a feature that is one of the most exciting and most useful to the users of the app. Besides the reasons mentioned before, “From Vidz” is a feature that not many apps offer it, well at least not in an efficient and fast way as The Audio Extractor. With it you will be able to extract any audio from the videos on your Camera Roll and use it as you want.

As everything is designed in very clean and intuitive manner, this feature is extremely easy to use as well. All you have to do is select the particular video from the camera roll and The Audio Extractor will do its job smoothly and efficiently.




In the latest update of The Audio Extractor, the “From Vidz” feature was redesigned and now it is much faster and convenient. The developers have worked really hard to make it as clean, fast and smooth as possible and from the current feedback the update is success. No matter what you’ve recorded or put in your camera roll, the app can extract the audio from it and you can use it for any of your purposes.















There is a new engine that will not limit on the duration of the audio, like in the previous version. The best thing is that you can cut the audio and save it in the most popular formats: mp3, mp4 and aif. You can later save it, share it or use it in other apps as it will be saved back in your camera roll. It is easy to say that the From Vidz feature is one of the best converters of video to audio on iOS.

There is a time duration of the video because with it you will be able to manually select and cut the parts of the audio you truly need. Sometimes all you need is a hook, a part of a speech or a live performance. Use the mark in and mark out points to select the audio you want to extract.

Some of the uses of From Vidz feature involve extracting audio from: lectures, live performances, speeches, inspirational thoughts, moments with your family and many other. “From Vidz” is listed as our first feature, but it truly just accompanies and completes our long list of audio extractor and editing features we offer with our app. Hope you like it and you can benefit from it! At the end of the day, that is The Audio Extractor’s goal, to help our users enjoy audio formats in the best way possible.