Song Recognition (GeTune)

Song Recognition (GeTune)

Feature Overview by the developer

The Audio Extractor wouldn’t be the most complete audio app if it doesn’t feature song recognizer and one of the best sound-recognition technologies. With the new re-design, the app now features various features that we put together create one of the most useful and handy audio tools. Perfectly optimized for iOS devices, The Audio Extractor tends to become your favorite music & audio app! With the inclusion of the feature that many users have asked for, The Audio Extractor can now become one of the leading apps in the music category on the App Store.

Song stuck in your head and you don’t know the name? Use The Audio Extractors remarkably accurate music-identification feature. The song recognizer and sound-recognition feature is called GeTune. It will help you identify any song in seconds. Because the speed in recognizing certain song you hear on the radio or somewhere outside is crucial, the GeTune feature is the simplest and fastest feature. With one simple tap on the white music audio line, The Audio Extractor app will start identifying the track you are listening at the moment and it will give you its name. The cool thing about this feature is that you will be able to listen to the track immediately via YouTube with a simple tap. Fast, convenient and functional, that are the best words to describe GeTune.

It can recognize songs from any language, genre or year. It will enable you to identify and scan any song that is playing. Try and test it on various songs and it always gives great and relevant results. All you need to have is loud and clear audio. However, GeTune just needs the audio to be loud enough, it can recognize songs even the audio is not that clear or loud. As you can see in the test screen shot we did research of songs that are not that famous. One of the song was from the 70s, the other from the 90s and the other ones were from the last decade. Each time GeTune gave fast and relevant answers and kept the results in the history for later listening.

That means that GeTune will keep every search you do in the app. You can access each song you searched and found with GeTune in the history bar. This history bar also acts like a playlist. Each song you found can be played on YouTube with a simple tap. If you want to delete it from history, just hold on the song name and tap to left. The song will be gone from your history.

The sound recognition technology used in GeTune is one of the best you can find on the App Store. The difference between GeTune and other apps that identify songs is that GeTune comes with all the other great features of The Audio Extractor. The Sound Search, Shazam or Soundhound don’t come with handy features like Audio Extractor, Voice Changer, Beats Calculator or Text to Speech feature.