Text To Speech

Text To Speech

Feature Overview by the developer

The “Text To Speech” feature is another addition The Audio Extractor is proud to have. Text to Speech is the ability of the app to play back written or copied text as spoken words. The app tends to become one of the best audio apps on the App Store and having one of the best “Text To Speech” technologies, surely will lead to respect and love from Apple fans. The Audio Extractor is the ultimate all-in-one audio suite.

The “Text To Speech” feature is like any other feature on The Audio Extractor – easy to use, fast and it enables various customization features for better user experience. With it, you can copy any text from anywhere and listen to it in your adjustable way. You can do so much with the audio. For example you can set up the pace or even make the voice as high or as low as you want. From deep male’s voice, to high women’s voice, the possibilities that are offered here can satisfy anyone needs.

It is one of the simplest, yet one of the most powerful tools that reads any text that you write or paste into the text field. The new engine introduced in the updated version of The Audio Extractor produces a clear and natural sounding voice and even gives you the ability to adjust the speed, tone and accent of the voice. With this app you could listen to text files while walking, exercising or commuting. It is fast, convenient and extremely easy to use.

When you open “Text to Speech” there is a text box in which you need to type or copy the text. The app will give you ability to listen to certain part of the text if you double tap on it and press Speak. Like we said there are a lot of customization features you can do with the Audio. Besides controlling the pace and the volume of the voice, you can also select different languages of reading. For example if you have a text or a book that you want to hear in Arabic or Spanish, you can select the language in bellow the text box and the voice will easily and naturally read in the selected language. The app even features English Australian and English British.

The voices selected are extremely pleasant to the human ear. They sound really natural, like a professional voiceover or like a voice from a quality audiobook. There are many uses of this feature. It can be used for entertainment, for learning, for listening to a book while traveling or listening to a long paper. Text to Speech feature can also enable the reading of the phone display information for the visually challenged person, or may simply be used to augment the reading of a text message. You can use it as you want, The Audio Extractor enables it. Remember, Text to Speech is just one of the many features The Audio Extractor offers.