The Ultimate All-in-One Audio Suite

The Ultimate All-in-One Audio Suite

App Overview by the developer


The Audio Extractor app is one of the best rated audio utilities on the App Store. Highly functional, feature-rich and beautifully designed, The Audio Extractor is a 6 in 1 audio tool that was recently completely redesigned and now it has lots of useful features all in one app!

The Audio Extractor enables wonderful user experience, not only for the huge music fans, but also for editors, entertainers, radio hosts and people that like to listen to text. The Audio Extractor is one of the most complete audio apps because it combines many features that are offered with many other different apps in one app! All features are a listed bellow.


The-Audio-ExtractorThe first feature The Audio Extractor offers is the ability to extract audio from any video you record. Whether, it was singing of your son at the school play or live video from you playing on a guitar, “From Vidz” can easily extract the audio fast. You recorded an inspiring speech? You can extract that as well. The audio you extract is editable as well. You can cut any part of any audio file and use it for any purpose.

Next is Beat Calculator. This feature will count the beats per minute in any song. All you have to do is use your microphone. Are you a DJ that wants to know the BPM in a song or you want to mix a certain song on a radio? Beat Calculator will enable you just that, very fast and with 100% accuracy.


Also, The Audio Extractor enables you to add effects to your songs, signing or speech with the Voice Changer feature. This is a really entertaining feature in which you can use audio or record your voice live. The app will keep the recorded audio and enable you to create loops with different effects. No matter if you want to speed up your voice, add echo effect, applause or any other effect, The Audio Extractor will enable you to that with a simple tap.


GeTune, on the other hand, will enable you to identify and scan any song that is playing. No matter if 4.7-inch (iPhone 6) - Screenshot 4it is an old song, or a new popular one, all you have to do is tap the button in GeTune and it will find the name of the song and you’ll be able to play it on YouTube. All songs you search on GeTune are kept as history and playlist and can be played anytime you want.

Things don’t stop here, The Audio Extractor features “Text To Speech”. It has one of the most natural sounding voice you will find in any text to speech app. You can use it to listen to books, documents or any type of text while sitting, walking or exercising. You can change the speed, volume and even chose different languages of reading.

To make things even more interesting, The Audio Extractor features a Tone Memory Game. It will test your music intelligence and knowledge. The goal of the game is to match the blocks based on the tones they make. It is a brain memory game that can improve your listening and memory skills.

The Audio Extractor has a simple goal: to become the The Ultimate All-in-One Audio Suite. It is an audio extractor, bpm calculator, song finder, voice and audio editor and has one of the best text-to-speech voices. Every audio can be shared on social media and you can have fun with a memory tone game as well. It functions flawlessly, it has great, smooth design with intuitive UI. Try this 6 in 1 audio app.