Voice Changer

Voice Changer

Feature overview by the Developer

The latest update of The Audio Extractor aimed to make this app the most complete audio app available for iPhone or iPad. That wouldn’t be possible if there isn’t a voice changer feature and it is one of the best you will ever find in an audio app. With the new engine and features, and completely redesigned app we now have one of the coolest and most complete voice changers. No matter if you want to use it for entertainment or for your professional needs, the Voice Changer is one of the most useful and most entertaining features in The Audio Extractor. This and so many other features are included in the app because of the newly coded engine and the goal of creation the complete audio app!

Again, like in every other feature of the app, the Voice Changer also gives the option to either use audio from your audio library on your iOS device or to record a sound in live. Mostly, this feature is aimed for live recordings, but it can also be really useful for mixing and using the effects to implement in your audio creation or reproduction. Regarding the effects that can be used, The Audio Extractor offers tons of different options.

After you select the audio source (live recording or a song), then the Voice Changer will offer you firstly to re-listen the audio as many times as you want and use it as a loop or save it. However, the things this feature is so precious are located bellow the play bar. In order to change the original audio you need to tap on the desired effect and then click save if you like to keep it.

All possible effects that you can implement with the Voice Changer feature will be listed below:

– First group of effects enables echo effects: stereo echo effect, delayed echo effect, strong and longer echo effect, light and one directional echo effect.

– Second group of effects enables changing the speed of the audio. You can speed any audio by: 2.0x, 1.5x, 0.75x, 0.5x

– Third group effects is dedicated to entertainment. There are effects like a phone call, minion sound, reverse audio, effects from a football pitch, applause, traffic and even nature sounds. There are some additional cool sound effects like scary sounds, thunders, winds and live radio.

The app processes each effect extremely fast. In under a second your voice or audio will be transformed into a new audio that you can save and use for your own purposes. You can share the audio on social media as well or the messaging apps like WhatsApp. In that way you can have fun with your friends and family.

The uses of this features are numerous. It can be used for fun with your friends, family members and kids. You can also use it for more serious goals, like creating a track, mix or a remix. You can also use this effects for your podcasts or radio shows. Remember, this is only one of the several other features offered by The Audio Extractor. You can do so much with the new re-designed and re-written audio app!