How To Extract Audio From Video

1 – Press “From Vidz” in the main menu



it will take you to camera roll browser


2 – Select a Video that you want to extract the audio from



it will take you the video editor screen to select the time you need.

From Vidz


Press Done when you finish selecting the duration.


3 – It will show you the waveform to make sure things is good to go




4 – if all is good then press Save.



How To Use Voice Changer

1 – Press Voice Changer from home menu

2 – Press and keep pressing the mic button in the screen

the mic will be red color when you pressing it that means it is recording.

3 – Release the mic button and it will show you effects button open.

4 – press effects and it will pop-up all the effects


5 – swap left to see more effects

6 – press one of the icons and you will hear the magic

7 – save the file by pressing save button just above the mic.

How to use Getune

1 – Press the icon in the center from main menu

or press GeTune in the menu

2 – it will open new window waiting.

3 – Press the icon in the center

and it will start listening to the audio to recognize it for you



4 – when result found it will show you album cover and the name of the song

5 – press on the result and it will take you to youtube to find the best results for you

Text To Speech Tutorial

The “Text To Speech” feature is another addition The Audio Extractor is proud to have. Text to Speech is the ability of the app to play back written or copied text as spoken words. The Audio Extractor has one of the most advanced text to speech features.

  1. Is there are a limit of how many words I can listen to?

No. All you have to do is write or copy the text in the text box and then with a simple tap on “Speak” you can listen it.

  1. Are there different languages in which the written text can be read?

Yes, “Text-To-Speech” features all of the world major languages. There is even English with British and Australian accents.

  1. Can I control the speed and the tone of the voices?

Yes, you can control both of them. To control the speed just move the circle from slow to fast or vice versa. To control the tone of the voices just move the circle from low to high.

  1. Can I control the volume?

Yes, through the volume settings of your iOS device. Remember if you can’t hear the voice, you need to check the volume settings as well.

  1. Suggested use of Text-To-Speech

It can be used for entertainment, for learning, for listening to a book while traveling or listening to a long paper. Text to Speech feature can also enable the reading of the phone display information for the visually challenged person, or may simply be used to augment the reading of a text message.

How to cut part of song or audio file

The Audio Extractor is a neat audio tool that is feature-rich and can be used for various purposes. One of the many features is the ability to cut part of a song or audio file you save through the app. This tutorial will help you create audio files from only the parts you need and want to save.

  1. From the main menu go to saved files located in the bottom left corner.
  2. The app will then show the saved files, which are actually audio files that you’ve edited and saved on your phone. You can also import any song you have on your iOS device.
  3. Select the audio file or song you want to edit and tap and hold to left.
  4. Chose the second grey option and the app will enable you to cut any part from that audio.
  5. Mark in and out the part and save it

More Coming Soon